International Pastors & Church Leaders

SUTL wants to help you reach your town, city, nation and even your own congregation or group!

How can we do that?

By helping YOU Become a SUTL Champion!

A Champion is someone who is A Christian Leader of high integrity, trained in giving the SUTL Seminar, presently has SUTL resources available and, can answer questions about Step Up To Life’s comprehensive ministry.

One of the heartbeats of SUTL is to bring THE GOSPEL to everyone in every ethnic group across the world! Together we can work to help you fulfill the Great Commission in your area when you become a SUTL Champion!

Would you consider becoming a SUTL Champion?

We would love to connect with you and answer any questions you may have about ways we can help train you and/or your people to share the Gospel of Christ more effectively!

Contact Us for more information about SUTL Champions below…