Social Distancing and Sharing The Good News

Coronavirus Picture

We are commanded to make disciples as we go into all the world preaching and sharing the gospel, right?

There are no verses that I can find that say, “You can stop doing that if you’re quarantined.”

The truth is – we can share our faith with others anytime!

So, what can we do during these very strange days to continue to be light in a world that for many, has gotten darker as we contend with the Corona Virus.

Here are a few thoughts to help keep us stay on point with Jesus’ awesome, amazing, Great Commission:

1. Pray for others.

We can still be lifting up our friends who have yet to surrender to Jesus. In fact, we might have just a little extra time for that.

We suggest honing it down to 1-3 friends or family members and really zeroing in on them.

Since they are regularly in your world, you know best how to lift them up…how to pray for their specific needs and what you feel the Lord needs to do in their lives to awaken them or convict them or speak to them or whatever. So lift them up in these days!

2. Stay in touch with them

Call, text, email, Facetime, message them. Use whatever form of communication is best to stay connected.

Don’t let this season be a reason to disconnect.

No, you can’t sit down with them for coffee or lunch, but with the multiple avenues of communication available today, it’s easy!

Ask how they’re doing. Ask how their feeling about this virus? Concerns? Fears?

Ask good questions and then…listen. Be a good listener. Then ask another good question.

Pray with them if appropriate.

3. Send them Scriptures and/or articles or videos

Check around online, and offline. The good ones that you see on social media. There is some good, timely material out there by wise, mature believers, pastors and ministry leaders.

Plant “seeds” of truth in as many ways possible.

Of course, be sensitive to not overwhelm them, but since most folks are staying home, they probably have extra time to read and listen.

4. Plant the idea of connecting

As soon as this passes to a safe degree, begin connecting or re-connecting.

Let them know you miss hanging out and tell them you want to get together ASAP when we get the green light.

So, we can all be doing these things to stay in touch, pray and plant seeds in the heart(s) of our friends we’re focusing on.

We CAN keep going “into all the world” even during a global pandemic. Let’s do it

Until Next Time…

Making Conversions That Last,

Lincoln Murdoch