Reaching The Nations, One Step At A Time

Step Up To Life is helping churches, organizations and ministers all over the world. The SUTL booklet is already printed in 70 languages, and counting!

Here are just some of the ways we are equipping the nations to accurately share the entire Gospel!

SUTL Champions

As we reach out to the church globally, we have found most pastors feel poorly equipped to even share the good news of Jesus, let alone walk a hungry seeker of the truth through the “sinners prayer.”

We come alongside a minister (or group of ministers) willing to help lead us in the task of training and equipping their people. Our prayer is to find someone who truly feels a calling to be that point person(s).

They become one of our International SUTL Champions!


When A Champion begins to reach out to a growing audience of passionate people in their location who desire to not only KNOW GOD, but also to help MAKE HIM KNOWN, this equipping takes on a 2nd level.

We will help the Champion form and lead a SUTL Hub!

SUTL Training

We can bring the exact same training that we offer in the USA to any location in the world!

And beyond this, we know the ONLINE EXPLOSION offers even more remote live streaming opportunities.