Why Minister, For the Love of God?

Why do we do what we do?

Why do you get out of bed every day? What motivates you, really? What would you say is your primary purpose?

At Step Up To Life (SUTL) we talk a lot about motivation.

Paul tried to convince new believers at Corinth to have the right motivation for preaching the Gospel. He warned the so-called “False Apostles” that preaching the Gospel for monetary or material gain, accolades or adoration would do them no eternal good – they already received their reward.

This is completely supported by the words of Jesus to his Disciples about doing works of righteousness to be seen by others. (Matthew 6:1)

So how can we make sure we are preaching the Gospel with the right motives?

1. Make Sure We Are Following Jesus.

I know. This seems obvious. It should be. But on the other hand, speaking for myself, if I go weeks without serious prayer and seeking God, I find myself easily slipping into being a busy minister.

When we work for God as leaders, the temptation is to get ahead of the leading of the Lord. But from too many conversations I have had with busy popular ministers over the years, I can say that it seems like a lost art – to seek His leading.

It’s not super-spiritual to seek His leading; it’s not weakness, or poor leadership to seek God’s direction. It’s vital. It’s obedience.

In other words… it’s everything.