The ELMER MURDOCH LEGACY FUND was created to help Elmer’s vision of seeing Step Up To Life reach around the world – bringing people to saving faith, and equipping others to effectively communicate the message of SUTL.

If God has blessed you financially, you could actually partner with Pastor Elmer by giving to the fund!

The E.M. Legacy Fund will fuel the furtherance of the truths, messages and methods that Pastor Murdoch developed over his 70 years of ministry. The global spread of SUTL and the open doors before SUTL right now are unprecedented.

Well over 11,000,000 copies of the SUTL booklet have gone out around the world in 75 languages and versions.

The Amazing Doors Now Open To SUTL :

• We have ten SUTL Champions overseeing the work in their nations in S. America/Africa.

• Pastor’s vision for an African “Hub” now exists.

• Cuba wants additional training in SUTL. The leaders there are vastly under-resourced. The opportunities there right now are amazing.

• Churches of every kind are seeking SUTL training.

• Young pastors in the Omaha metro area are being mentored in SUTL.

• We are networking with many ministries like: Kingdom Sports (Ron Brown), F.C.A., My Bridge Radio (Stan Parker), the Todd Becker Foundation, Fresh Start and The Hope Center for Kids.

• We’re partnering with workers and ministries in dangerous places in closed countries. Just one ministry touches 20 nations alone!

All of this is happening because of Pastor’s faithfulness to pass on the truths to you and to me that were taught to him directly by A.W. Tozer, Paris Reidhead and other great men and women of God.

How the Elmer Murdoch Legacy Fund works:

Contributions of $500 to $5,000 if marked, “Legacy Fund” will go straight to preserving and continuing Pastor Murdoch’s teaching and truth. Pastor Murdoch deeply appreciates your participation. If he has influenced your spiritual life and you’d like to see others influenced the same way, this fund will ensure that that takes place around the world!

Help Extend Pastor Elmer’s Legacy!

We would ask you to prayerfully consider being part of “The Elmer Murdoch Legacy Fund.”

Gifts can simply be marked, “Legacy Fund.”

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Below is a letter from Pastor which was his response when we told him about this Legacy Fund:

Dear Friend,

When I heard about the new “Elmer Murdoch Legacy Fund.” I was surprised and humbled as I listened to what this fund was about and what it would accomplish. Right after those feelings, I was filled with joy and wonder that the Lord would take the precious truths of God’s Word, thoroughly taught to me by my mentors, and see that they are passed on to the next several generations, not just in the USA, but literally around the world.

This brings great joy to my heart. I know I’m closing in on the last part of my last lap of life. I could not have asked for more. Indeed, God has done, “far more than we could ask or think.”

A few years ago, I walked into our staff meeting at the SUTL office and told our team that God had laid Zanzibar on my heart. I didn’t even know where it was. We looked it up. Ah, off the eastern coast of Tanzania in east Africa. Fast forward a couple of years and my son Lincoln was standing IN Zanzibar, training pastors in Step Up To Life. Incredible!

In another staff meeting, I told the team that the Lord wanted us to start several SUTL “HUBs” around the world. None of us knew what a HUB was, but as we talked and prayed more about it, God’s plan emerged. Our HUB in Africa is rolling and we’re looking for God’s guidance and timing on a couple more. (A HUB is a center for information, resources/materials and training.)

One of the greatest joys of my ministry has been to lay a solid, Biblical foundations in the lives of people so that they could build their spiritual life on The Rock and not sinking sand. Many people tell me that this was the case in their lives. Thank you, Lord for “Lasting conversions, not temporary commitments.”

I am not worthy of anything. I have simply tried to obey the Lord each step of my ministry journey with my wonderful wife, Nancy. Though not worthy, the “Elmer Murdoch Legacy Fund” is an idea that will ensure the continuance of His Truth long after I’m gone. Would you prayerfully consider being part of this? Thank you so much.

With much love and appreciation for you and for the Lord Himself,

Pastor Elmer Murdoch
Founder and Author, Step Up To Life