Aspiration Or Action?

Some people operate out of aspiration.  They “aspire” to do this or that, but it stops there and never actually gets done. Other folks are action-oriented. They aspire to do something and then they go do it. Now, part of the reason that the “aspirational folks” don’t move to action is because there’s a gap. Perhaps it’s a fear gap or a lack-of-knowledge gap. Maybe a weariness gap, but whatever the gap is called, it blocks forward motion.

Aspiring to do something is good. It’s the starting point. As followers of Jesus, we all aspire to shine for and represent Him in our daily lives. Our aspiration is to give a good word of witness when the door opens. We desire to help people move forward in their spiritual journey. But it doesn’t happen. We can move to the point of taking action and, then we get stuck and fade.

Recently my wife, Jen, and I were getting a bite to eat at a restaurant and the server was a young woman. We chatted with her and she told us that she had been in a car accident last year. She showed pictures of her smashed car.

“Wow, it was a miracle you survived!” I said.  I thought to ask her why she believed God has spared her life. Jen was talking to her so I waited…and then…I never said the words which would have taken us down the road to help her spiritually. I blew it. A great opportunity was lost because I failed to act. I aspire every day to help people spiritually just like you do. But aspiration alone, falls way short.

As I reflected on my failure, I MUST be proactive. I need to take the opportunities of open doors all the way to the end, while being wise and sensitive, of course.   Action makes that happen, not good intentions that fall short. I hope this is good motivation for us all. Learn from my mistake. Start with aspiration, then press all the way to action for the betterment of man for the glory of God!