Our mission…

The Seminar is Led by Our Executive Director, Lincoln Murdoch

Lasting Commitments, One Step At A Time

We exist to help people have a better understanding of the Gospel message so that they can make a more informed commitment to Christ.

We take seriously the claims of Christ that are more than simply “receiving” but also we must “obey” and “confess” and certainly “repent.”

Unchanging Message through Changing Methods

We understand that God calls every generation in church history to rediscover the unchanging message of salvation found in the NT and 4 Gospels.

We also believe that this unchanging message, once re-discovered, must be communicated with culturally relevant methods. And we are finding that each nation and language and culture responds to unique methods that are relevant to them.

We provide…

transformational resources, materials and training to Christian leaders and followers of Jesus around the world in as many languages as we can.

Our History:

Original_SUTL_notesIn February, 1957, Pastor Murdoch preached a sermon entitled, “Steps Leading to Salvation” and distributed his notes to the congregation. Little did he know that this would give birth to the Step Up To Life evangelistic booklet. It wasn’t until 1971 that Pastor had these biblical truths and principles put into print.

Since that time the booklet has been translated into over 62 different languages. Currently it is used by many different denominations and Christian organizations.  Step Up To Life may well be the only piece of gospel literature that teaches the evangelistic use of the Ten Commandments, an explanation and application of repentance and a saving faith that is based on the Lordship of Christ.

One of its core values is to enable people to see the difference between a conversion and a “decision” for Christ, a distinction that has eternal consequences.  Over 11 million booklets have been used by different ministries in more than 60 countries and on 6 continents.

Step Up To Life is a ministry administered and implemented primarily by volunteers.  Proceeds from the material go toward furthering its outreach.

Elmer H. Murdoch Bio:

Born in Vermont, Pastor Elmer Murdoch was raised in Rhode Island. After graduating from Gordon College and Gordon-Conwell Seminary in Massachusetts, he pastored churches in Massachusetts, Ohio and in Chicago, Illinois, where he succeeded Dr. A. W. Tozer.

MurdochBreakWhile at the Omaha Gospel Tabernacle, now Christ Community Church, he had a seven-year radio ministry and hosted his own TV program entitled, “Step Up To Life.” Concluding 20 years of ministry with the Christian and Missionary Alliance, he was the founding pastor of Trinity Church Interdenominational in Omaha, NE.  Under Pastor Murdoch’s guidance, the church congregation grew from 40 to 3,000, an annual missionary budget of over $500,000, eleven pastoral staff and a Christian School of more than 600 students.

After 22 years of pastoral duties at Trinity, Pastor Murdoch gave himself to enlarging the use and spread of “Step Up To Life,” an evangelistic booklet he wrote. The booklet has been printed in over 50 languages, including several children’s editions. He also produced for the booklet a companion DVD teaching album, Leader and Study Guides.

Step Up To Life Ministries is a non-profit, outreach program, with a primarily volunteer staff.  All proceeds from the sale of materials are used to further the outreach.  While Director of Step Up To Life Ministries, Pastor Murdoch wrote, taught and preached at conferences and churches while giving direction to this growing and international ministry.  As Associate Director, he continues to support the ministry in each of these endeavors.

Pastor Murdoch has been married to his bride, Nancy, for 67 years.  They have three children, nine grandchildren and seven great grandchildren.