A Chain Reaction

This message has Shocking Applications to the world since January 2020!

“A Chain Reaction” is a powerful message delivered by Pastor Elmer Murdoch at the Bethany School of Missions Conference in June of 1992. 

Murdoch shares the 1st chapter of Philippians and the story of Paul’s imprisonment in Rome during the rule of Nero just a few decades after the Resurrection of Christ. 

Paul awaits his trial, but sends this incredible Epistle (Phillipians) to encourage other believers all across the world.

The audio is quite good, video is not surprisingly dated. But once you get adjusted to that, you are in for a rare “Elmer Murdoch” treat.

Pastor Elmer Murdoch at Bethany School of Missions Conference, June 1992

This powerful message is arguably one of the best of Pastor Elmer Murdoch – it has everything including humor, stories, visual aids, and best of all – incredible depth and spiritual potency.

Uncanny applications to the world since January 2020.

WARNING: This message has the power to transform you!

What will YOU do with YOUR CHAINS?